Nestled in the rolling hills of White Lake, Michigan, just an hour north of Detroit, Pleasant  Ridge Llamas is home to three cherished llamas.

I  began breeding llamas in 1995 and, while I have  retired from breeding, I expect to always have  llamas in my life.

From the start my goal has been to raise llamas  with excellent structure, cooperative dispositions  and quality fiber. Over 40 cria have been born  and lovingly raised in the past 21 years.  Most  have gone on to new farms and new lives in  show, breeding,

4-H, livestock guardians, as well  as cherished companions.

My retired breeding females will live out their lives on the farm. They continue to  supply me with fabulous fiber for spinning,  knitting, weaving  and felting, as well as the pleasure of their  company.

My llamas are registered with the International Lama Association, and I am a long standing member of the Michigan Llama Association.
I welcome the opportunity to offer support to anyone looking for information on llama care.


 Pleasant Ridge Llamas

Pleasant Ridge Llamas

​​My commitment has always been:

  To provide my llamas with the highest level of care, treating each one as a unique individual.

  To place my llamas with responsible and informed people to assure their continued well being. 

 To help educate people about llamas and their care and  to be an ongoing source of information and support.​

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